I was employed by Northwest Airlines just before they merged with Delta. During that 18 months I created online training and Flash simulations to educate and train NWA employees. Many of the training modules were mandated by the FAA and required stringent adherence to procedures. I used Flash, Dreamweaver, and Photoshop daily in the creation of the modules. There were some graphics assets available on their CMS, however I created most of the elements used in the simulations from scratch. The programs were delivered through their LMS  for maintenance personnel who needed regular training and certification in the servicing of the different fleets of aircraft. Click on any of the links below to view a brief sample:

DC-9 autopilot test and troubleshooting     -  short simulation example

DC-9 autopilot test and troubleshooting   -  check your understanding example

DC-9 logbook entries    –  interactive exercise

B757 MCDP    –  short simulation example

Module topic short quiz